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Respiratory Care (CPAP, BiPAP & NIV Devices) :

The respiratory system is the network of organs and tissues that help you breathe. It includes your airways, lungs, and blood vessels. The muscles that power your lungs are also part of the respiratory system. These parts work together to move oxygen throughout the body and clean out waste gases like carbon dioxide.

Oxygen Therapy :

Oxygen therapy is a treatment that delivers oxygen gas for you to breathe. Overview. You can receive oxygen therapy from tubes resting in your nose, a face mask, or a tube placed in your trachea, or windpipe. This treatment increases the amount of oxygen your lungs receive and deliver to your blood.

Cardiac Monitoring :

A cardiac event monitor is a device that you control to record the electrical activity of your heart (ECG). This device is about the size of a pager. It records your heart rate and rhythm. Cardiac event monitors are used when you need long-term monitoring of symptoms that occur less than daily.

Cefaly :

The Cefaly device is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) that is applied to the forehead . It is intended to stimulate the upper branches of the trigeminal nerve in order to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Rehab & ICU Setup Products :

Rehabilitation is care that can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). You may have lost them because of a disease or injury, or as a side effect from a medical treatment. Rehabilitation can improve your daily life and functioning.